Friday, April 18, 2014

FIve For Friday- April 18th

We have a new little Maddux Nicole.  Stephanie says Maddux is a night owl so she is going to drop her off at my house with me since I am the night owl of the group!  I was totally surprised that she had a girl, I was betting on another boy!   

She also got this super cute gift from one of her student's talented parents!
While she's away on maternity leave, Stephanie's class has been learning about all kinds of great topics.  They learned about chickens this week using  a really great packet from First Grade Fever.

 We had our annual egg hunt on Thursday.  The students find the egg with their name in it in order to get their bunny bag filled with treats.  It's great to see the kids help each out and encourage each other to keep trying when they almost give up at finding their eggs.

 I am working on all of these fluency packets and trying to get them all cranked out for the bundle!  My goal is to have a set for each season, a year-round set and an emerging reader set.  They are all Lexile leveled, have word counts, rubrics, and student reading pages for assessment purposes!   Each student page also has different types of comprehension or reading skills activities.   It's a lot of work but I think they are going to be great for next year!  Right now the bundle includes Spring and Summer themed passages for $6 dollars.  As I add more bundles the price will go up so get in now and re-download the updates later!

 Finally, I made up these cute little tags for my friend Liza to use at the party for her daughter's class.  You can download the tags in  PDF form for free by clicking HERE.  I will be making this mix for my class next year! So cute!   

Here is the recipe if you would like to file it away for next year...

A bonus #6! I updated my Summer Fun Awards!  This was one of my first TpT products and it needed a little TLC!    Leave a comment and I will pick two lucky winners to receive them for free!  They are super fun, easy and cheap!  Love these awards!

 Have a very HAPPY EASTER!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

Spring is in the air.  Stephany created a super fast and easy Spring themed preposition activity.  You just cut out the egg prepositions, place a set in a large plastic egg (they fit perfectly) and students use each of the prepositions in a sentence and picture.  The kiddos loved getting to pick an egg and get busy working with prepositions!  You can download the eggs and the recording sheet for free from Google Docs by clicking HERE!
 I have started my maternity leave!  Hopefully, this baby will be here in the next few days.  I have been busy working on some emergent reader texts and other resources for my students and the substitute in my kindergarten classroom.  Since I will be out the remainder of the school year, I decided to make two readers for my students to use.  I also decided to create a CVC "reader" for the kiddos.  I know they are going to love the CVC book!

Before I went on maternity leave, my Donor's Choose project arrived in large boxes to my classroom.  Here are a few pictures of the kiddos opening the boxes.  They were so excited to see the new book boxes!  They have so much ownership when opening the boxes.  I then have them write their "thank you" notes right away.

My kinders, with the help of a couple parents and classroom aide, threw me a surprise "baby shower".  Even though this will be my third child, it was so nice to have a "baby shower" again!  Here are a few pictures of the kids eating their delicious cake and cupcakes.  Since I do not know if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl, the cupcakes were blue and pink.

Thanks to everyone who purchased our Teacher's For Taytum Bundles.  We were able to make an $800 dollar donation to the March of Dimes in Taytum's honor!  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Manic Monday

It is time for Manic Monday at Classroom Freebies!
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
I enjoy teaching about the Life Cycle of Plants to my students!  Grab this Free emergent reader text for your students!

I am currently on maternity leave; however, I left some of my favorite units to teach for my sub.  One of the units that I left was about plants.  The above emergent reader text is one that I use with my kindergarten students to help reinforce the life cycle of a plant.

I also use several books to teach about plants.  Some of my favorite include...

Check out this "pin" on Pinterest!  I have grown lima beans in the window with my students in the past; however, I have not used these super cute greenhouses!!  You can read more about these "greenhouses" here on!

Growing in Pre-K

Here are some units available on Teachers Pay Teachers to teach about Jack and the Beanstalk!

Hope you have a great Monday!!  Comment below.  We would love to hear what books, units and resources you use to teach your students about plants.

Endless Possibilities,